Selected Published Works



“What if we find our way back to each other in the grocery store snack aisle”. HAD. July 2022.


Debut short story collection Turmeric & Sugar. Thirty West Publishing. May 28, 2021. You can purchase your copy from Bookshop, Thirty West, or most anywhere books are sold. 

“Sara’s Someone”. Wigleaf. February 2021.

“Tomorrow”. The Margins at AAWW. January 2021.

“You’re Still You”. OKD. January 2021.


“Doors”. HAD. September 2020. 


“Echo”. Jellyfish Review. Issue 48. 

“You Don’t Have a Place Here”. OKD. October 2019. 

“Look Where We’re Going”. X-R-A-Y. March 2019.

“In Twenty Years”Necessary Fiction. February 2019.


“Mae and Me”. Catapult. September 2018. 

“Tape and Glue”The MacGuffin. Winter 2018 Issue. (Print only) 

“Nurture”. Berkeley Fiction Review. Issue 38. (Print only)

“Turmeric & Sugar”Little Fiction. The 2018 Flash Issue.

“How Then”Pidgeonholes. November 2018.

“The Suitor”New Flash Fiction Review. Issue 14.

“A Day for Watching Birds”. FlashFlood Journal. June 2018. (Reprint)


“Dear Wigleaf”. Wigleaf. February 2021.


Dan Crawley Reviews Turmeric & Sugar: Stories by Anna Vangala Jones. Bending Genres. August 2021.

“All That’s Left to Linger On” by Mike Marshall Wilson. July 2022.

Jeffrey Yamaguchi Reviews Turmeric & Sugar: Stories. August 2021.


An Interview with Anna Vangala Jones and Shannon McLeod. TriQuarterly. August 2021.

Q & A with Anna Vangala Jones: Books. Haverford Magazine. Spring/Summer 2022. (Reprint)

A Case for “the surreal and the strange”: Interview with Anna Vangala Jones, Sudden Fiction Guest Judge and Author of Turmeric & Sugar. Berkeley Fiction Review. February 2021. 

Mini-Interview with Melissa Ragsly and Anna Vangala Jones. The Rumpus. March 2020.

Mini-Interview with Anna Vangala Jones and Tommy Dean. January 2020.


“Mae and Me”. Longform Fiction’s Best of 2018

“Doors”. Nominated for the 2022 Pushcart Prize.

Turmeric & Sugar. Short Story Collection — Finalist in Sundress Publications 2019 Fiction Competition.

“You Don’t Have a Place Here”. Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize.

“Echo”. Nominated for the Best Small Fictions 2020 Anthology.

“Tape and Glue”. Nominated for the 2020 Pushcart Prize